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Higher Leaning for People and their Canine Companions

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Stacey Manzo, Author, CPDT-KA, CPCFT, Reiki Master 

Creating Cooperative Canines

Dogs don’t speak our language and most people don’t fully understand dog language. Let me help bridge that gap to develop a cooperative canine that wants to work with you. Because after all, work should be fun and who doesn’t want to have fun? Science based, force free training can get you results.

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Stacey Manzo, CPDT-KA, CPCFT

I have always felt a connection to animals and was rewarded with my first rescue dog in 2001 and have been training ever since. I am the owner and sole operator of WagMore U, located in Central Bucks County, PA.

In addition to working with my own dogs, I teach group classes at various facilities in the area. I also volunteer with New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue and have fostered numerous Aussie and Aussie mixes who found themselves in rescue for various reasons. Having a dog live in your home is in a whole other league from working with my own dog or working with other people’s dogs for an hour at a time. Fostering really elevates your learning experience at a rapid pace. Many of the dogs I have fostered were difficult cases because of their fear issues – they weren’t good candidates for adoption in the shelters. Those gentle souls have taught me patience and the ability to let the dogs learn at their own pace. I have built up an arsenal of techniques for dealing with all kinds of scenarios which has expanded my way of viewing problems. I can think outside the box and am often very successful doing things that may seem counterintuitive.

I decided to put my knowledge to the test and become a valid member of the dog training community by becoming an A.K.C. CGC and S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator, obtained the Certified Trick Dog Instructor status (CTDI) and earned the Council of Certified Pet Dog Trainers seal of approval when I obtained the CPDT-KA designation. In April 2019, I added the CPCFT certification which allows me to safely and effectively work with canines to improve their fitness. To round out my knowledge, I even because a Reiki Master so that I could connect with animals on a whole different level.  I continuously attend workshops and seminars to stay on the cutting edge of training developments and my library is filled with books on a variety of behavior and training issues.

If you are interested in learning how best to work with your dog whether it is for behavioral issues for the family pet, conquering canine sports specific skills or anything in between, contact me so I can help you achieve your goals.

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Helping You Help Your Pet

If you are interested in any of the topics below, then WagMore U can help, but don’t stop there. This is only a sampling of issues. If you don’t see your specific concern on the list, contact me.Canine Fitness


  • Canine Fitness

Want to help your sports dog build muscle? Is your dog recovering from an injury and your vet has cleared him/her for all activities? Have a senior dog you want to help stay agile well into those Golden years?  Have a new puppy you want to get started on the right paw?  I am offering one-on-one fitness coaching online. I'll customize a 6 week fitness plan specifically for your dog an​d you can submit videos to ensure safety and proper form for coaching throughout the 6 week program.




  • Raising a polite puppy

Just brought home a cute, cuddly puppy? Learn what to expect as your puppy grows and develop a training plan to follow those life stages to create a polite puppy that matures into a canine good citizen.

•Crash course on living with a rescue dog
Congratulations! You adopted an adult rescue dog. You probably don’t know much of the dog’s history and Rover may have some baggage that came with him from his former life. WagMore U can help you create the best environment for your new friend to thrive.

•Multi-dog household
Have you recently added another canine member to your family? The pack dynamics can change dramatically when another dog enters the household. Learn what to look for and how to obtain and maintain harmony in the home.

•Foundation skills for mannerly canines
Need help keeping Fido’s four on the floor when guests visit? Or maybe he’s an opportunistic counter surfer when he thinks nobody is watching? Jumping, barking, digging and chewing are all a part of a natural dog’s genetic makeup. Let’s work on using those energies for good instead of evil.

•Learning to speak dog
Want to better understand your dog’s body language so you can communicate more effectively? Many bad experiences could be avoided if humans understood dogs’ communications skills better. Oftentimes a dog will growl, lunge or bite and the human says that the dog never gave a warning. Very rarely does a dog not warn but their signs may be much more subtle than what humans are used to. Learning to read the body language signs dogs often use can go a long way to sharing our lives compatibly with dogs.

•Enrichment activities
Are you finding your dog bored because of your long hours away from home or want to chase away the blues in times of bad weather? Let me help you put together an enrichment program to keep your furry friend mentally stimulated.

•Tricky Fidos
Wondering how much fun it would be to work with your dog to obtain a Trick Title? I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and have obtained the highest level with my dog. The sky is the limit as to what our dogs can learn.

•Canine Coach
Are you a canine sports competitor looking to solve a particular issue that needs more help than what your current class focuses on? Is Rover having difficulty holding his start line in agility? Or maybe the dumbbell retrieve for obedience is less than stellar. Looking to work on some new moves for a Freestyle routine you are putting together?  Let’s work on those specific skills where you need help so you can be a Rock Star in competition.

  • Animal Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy work that can help a beloved pet to let go of stress, learn to trust, clear energy blockages, help them transition peacefully from this life and so much more.  

Manners Training

Teach your pet good manners

Puppy Training

Develop a training plan for your puppy’s life stages

Canine Coaching

Enhance performance in canine sports

WagMore U can help with these areas and many more.

Contact me today to set up a private appointment at the beautiful indoor facility of High Octane in Colmar, PA.

Hourly: $95.00

Now offering a 6 week one-on-one canine fitness program designed just for your dog where you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home.

6 week program includes customized fitness plan, progress video submissions and access to ask questions.  Contact me for pricing,and details to start your dog on the path to a healthier body.

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My philosophy about training dogs centers around allowing the dogs to make choices. I invite the dogs to interact with me and if they choose not to, I respect their decisions. That lack of pressure allows them to choose to interact with me on their terms, when they are comfortable enough and when they are mentally able to commit to working with me. Working with a dog in that mental state brings about change much faster, the behavior becomes more reliable, the training session more fluid and best of all – it just feels good for everyone.

Training Methods

I use science based, force free methods to communicate with dogs. I rely heavily on clicker training to really help the dog understand and pinpoint exactly what I’d like to have them do. Classical conditioning is also used to help change a dog’s emotional state (think of Pavlov’s dog experiment where the ringing bell spurred the dogs to salivate). All training is based upon mutual respect and cooperation. Doesn’t everyone want to live in harmony with their canine companions?

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